Seal Conservation Solutions Ltd. is a company newly formed by a closely linked international network of specialists from across a range of disciplines. The company was formed for the purpose of developing solutions to mitigate anthropogenic impact on seals due to industrial or other activity or development. All team members combine academic knowledge with significant offshore practical experience and also a knowledge of relevant aspects of the oil and gas industry.

Seal Conservation Solutions applies knowledge from up-to-date seal research to advise on and design the most effective techniques for the oil and gas industry, other industrial or recreational developments to meet their environmental and conservation obligations. We can also advise on the creation of protected areas based on research of seals breeding areas, foraging sites and migration corridors. One major area of interest for the Seal Conservation Solutions group is investigating impact of icebreaker traffic through areas of ice where seals or walruses may be resting or breeding, and advising on regulatory control and mitigation measures for icebreaker activity in frozen seas. Another area of concern and expertise within the group is seal-fisheries interaction.


Our core personnel

Susan Wilson, BSc, MSc, PhD, LLM.