Welcome to Tara Seal Research (TSR). We conduct research projects, seal pup rehabilitation and seal population monitoring, and also carry out work on the biology of seals (and occasionally other mammals, such as otters) on a consulting basis. We cooperate with other academic and conservation organisations in the UK and elsewhere. In recent years we have been working with British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), OneKind and other NGOs to effect a change in the law to protect seals in Great Britain. We have been coordinating and participating in Caspian seal conservation biology since 1997, initially with the World Bank's ECOTOX project (2000–02), then with the University of Leeds in a Darwin Initiative (DEFRA - UK govenment) project 'to identify and eliminate threats to the Caspian Seal' (2006–2010), and also coordinating the Caspian International Seal Survey (CISS) (2004–present).

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